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Coperto Restobar 9.4 / 10

Stationsweg 9, 8011 CZ Zwolle

Promising FREE extra 4th course

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This restaurant belongs to the Promising restaurant category. This restaurant belongs to the Promising restaurant category and asks € 37,50 for a 3-course dinner and € 32,50 for a 3-course lunch.




3-course lunch for €32,50 p.p.

4-course diner for €37,50 p.p.


This restaurant serves a delicious surprise gourmet menu.

In case you are a vegetarian or you are not allowed to eat certain ingredients please specify on the online reservation form under “remarks”. So the restaurant will be able to consider your diet wishes. We recommend to remind the waiter when you enter the restaurant.

It is only possible to make an online reservation for the Restaurant Week!

Expand your menu according to your mood or treat yourself to a wine pairing! The service team will be happy to give you some recommendations.

If you have questions about the menu, we kindly ask you to contact the restaurant directly.

We wish you a delicious Restaurant Week! 

Over Coperto Restobar

The floor to ceiling glass walls of this new-build conservatory make Coperto Restobar a bright and light gastronomic space. When the first sunrays illuminate the restaurant from nearly every angle, this is a stunning place for guests to enjoy their favourite food and drinks. The wooden floors, fine fabrics and comfortable seats complement the welcoming atmosphere.

Inspired by French and Italian classics, our chefs use an effortless approach to gastronomy. The simple preparation allows the pure tastes of the ingredients to shine. Guests can order from the a la carte menu or enjoy the chef's seasonal menu that changes monthly at any time of the day.

Coperto Restobar has a unique collection of leading wines. The wine list features favourite grapes and wines from countries as diverse as France, The Netherlands and Italy. Guests can revisite a familiar favourite or discover a new boutique label.

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